Click-It Closet Organizers

Click-It Closet Organizers

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Storage Bags Made 100% From Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

Imagine you could create storage in small spaces that are otherwise unused? Introducing Click-it Closet Organizers. Storage and organization – optimized. Pack tightly and neatly into CCO bags to store more…in less space.

Designed to store smaller batches of clothing, shoes and seasonal items for easier access. Our unique and patent-pending buckle system allows for attachment of multiple units to any wall hook or closet rod. This offers unlimited vertical expansion and taller configuration, maximizing wall space.

Anywhere you can put a hook, you can add storage: Back of interior doors, Vehicle seat backs, Empty wall spaces. Three colors to easily identify contents, great for keeping each child’s clothing separate.

Contents are concealed, unlike inconvenient vacuum bags, and flimsy fabric shoe hangers.  Middle mesh panel allows air exchange, decreasing the development of mold and odors, especially with shoe storage.  Top panel is reinforced with a bar that keeps the bags upright, without slouching and crushing contents.  This also makes your closet look neater.


Click-it Closet Organizers are made from heavy duty, rip-stop nylon.  But this is no ordinary nylon.  This fabric is made 100% from recycled plastic water bottles.  We turn waste into multi functional, tear resistant closet storage bags.  With every purchase GreenPaxx donates a portion of profits to Plastic Pollution Coalition and Ocean Conservancy, whose mission is to protect, clean and educate on plastic pollution, and it’s impact on marine habitats.