The Green

Healthy Habits.  Healthy Planet.

Here at GreenPaxx we believe every little bit counts. We are proud not only of our efforts in making reusable products but also in the choices we strive to make in our everyday lives. Being and living green may mean different things to different people. Just like one person’s view of 'healthy' eating may differ from the next. We, as a company, diligently try to tip the scale in the right direction. This means the culture of our company promotes healthy, natural habits which in turn lead to a better planet. We garden. We drink fermented concoctions in our office. We recycle (almost obsessively) but try to go without disposables whenever we can. We exercise. Being active and eating from the ground up helps fuel our interests and activities outside and inside the office. And creating fun products that promote healthy habits is part of the equation. We don’t strive for perfection but do small things everyday to live and eat green. When you use a product for a long time you are keeping that much waste from our landfills. Habits create change. Have fun making a smoothie and do without the plastic straw. Win-win for healthy body and healthy planet.

We also consider the planet when designing our packaging and printing materials. All of our product boxes are printed on a minimum 40% post-consumer recycled Eco Friendly cardstock with aqueous (water-based) coating. We have designed our own box without glue so that it is 100% recyclable again. While this costs us more to use recycled content for our product boxes we feel it’s worth it. We ship our orders in 100% recycled PCW corrugated boxes from local suppliers, reducing our carbon footprint. It is important to us not only to offer reusable eco-friendly products but to source our needs from ecologically responsible affiliates.

We use a green hosting company that replaces the energy they consume with wind power. In fact, they replace, with wind power, 3 times the amount of energy used by their servers thru the purchase of wind energy credits.

We are also proud sponsors of many environmentally minded organizations which include but are not limited to: Ocean Conservancy, Greenpeace, Plastic Pollution Coalition & the Organic Consumers Association. This means that with every purchase made on our site we are donating some of our profits to these worthy organizations. We also support several non-profit philanthropies just because: Williams Syndrome Association, Paralyzed Veterans of America.

We, as a company, continue to evolve and welcome your suggestions. Drop us a line if you have ideas, health tips or other green info to share. And be sure to join us on all our social media outlets.