Reusable Glass Spray Bottles

Reusable Glass Spray Bottles 2-Pack

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Toss the Toxins With Our Reusable Glass Spray Bottles 2-PACK

*Note: We recommend 60% or more alcohol for hand/surface sanitizer**

Industrial grade trigger sprayer: Brand new, uniquely designed, high quality and BPA free. Spray, stream and off settings for many uses. Guaranteed clog-free for one full year. Large filter at the end of tube to catch any sediment and prevent clogs. Filter and tube can be removed and rinsed.

Lead free, tempered glass: Thick, amber color is light protective. Nonreactive and maintains integrity of essential oils like sandalwood, sage, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and many others. Modern descriptive sticker included for easy labeling of all your home made creations.

USES:  Smooth, straight spraying extra virgin olive oil for grilling and basting. Magnesium oil spray, essential oil blends, non toxic cleaning solutions, organic beauty treatments, non-toxic bug spray, vegetable wash, and much more.

Minimize plastic waste with reusable glass bottles without plastic or metals leaching into your mixtures. Convenient two-pack.  A unique gift for anyone into organic living.

With every purchase GreenPaxx donates a portion of profits to Plastic Pollution Coalition and Ocean Conservancy, whose mission is to protect, clean and educate on disposable plastic pollution, and it's impact on marine habitats. Your purchase makes a difference.